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This World Spotlight was created on Apr 18, 2018 @ 07:55:23 am

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Technology and Innovation SpringAquaH




Pure Like Spring Water


There are several mountain springs that attract millions of people annually due to the healing properties of the water. Their waters are rich in dissolved molecular hydrogen. Scientists have studied the content of the water and the rock layers through which it flows, and Spring AquaH has re-created that ECOSYSTEM in a compact box professionally installed under your sink.

Now you can experience natural, clean water with all its benefits for everyone in your family. We bring Mother Nature into the comfort and convenience of your own home.


Spring AquaH water is filled with minerals and negative hydrogen ions. This water is micro-clustered making it easier to absorb and hydrate. The water helps promote a healthy pH balance in our body (alkaline 9.2-9.5 pH). It is pure, clean, safe, and life promoting.


Clean Water Technology

The hard truth that nobody wants to know is, "If you don’t filter, then your body becomes the filter, and if you haven’t been filtering, then your body has been doing the filtering."

What are people going to do? A great solution is to make your home the eco-system, the first line of defense, with good filtration and with annual replacement of filters to keep it clean. Replacing the filters annually allows our company to keep up with the environment pollution issues by making necessary enhancement the filters. These enhancements gives us the ability localized the filters to the area specific needs because we know that water quality is different from city to city, state to state and from year to year.

Spring AquaH, the only patented 14 stage filtration, surpasses all industry standards and offers our customers true, clean water technology. We are SGS certified. SGS is a multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. It has more than 90,000 employees and operates over 2,000 offices and laboratories worldwide.


Use this link to see the full SGS Test report: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/80fd2b_41dc98cc651748c29cea96bbea79de95.pdf


Safe to Consume

Spring AquaH clean water technology is manufactured in a NSF certified facility. We are members of the Water Quality Association, and our filters are tested and approved by SGS


Environmentally Safe

Our technology does not waste water. The filters are made from medical grade plastic that is recycle.

Medical Grade Steel Faucet

We provide a beautiful 316-L surgical grade stainless steel faucet. Water is a life long necessity. This faucet ensure that there will be no leaching of metals from the faucet itself.

Leak Protection

A safety switch for leaks is built in to help protect your home and the water machine itself from major issues.

Annual Filter Replacements

There are 2 filter replacement periods. Filter # 1 is replaced every 6 months (first replacement filter #1 included with unit), and the rest of the filters are replaced every 12 months. Our company vision is to continuously evolve and make enhancements on our filter technology, to tackle changing water and environmental issues as they evolve. It is important that we deliver clean water to our customers year after year.

Installation and Warranty

We provide professional installation so that the technology is safely, neatly tucked under the sink, or where you desire it to be. It comes with a 5 year warranty extendable up 15 years with the correct annual filter replacement.
Contact us:P.O. BOX 77191, Seattle, WA 98177
+1 888-850-3743
Come visit our website:https://www.springaquah.com/


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