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This World Spotlight was created on Dec 27, 2019 @ 06:44:20 am

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Healing Bodies Into Balance


Bodies Into Balance


Jenny Jean Crawford

Integrative Health Consultant



My name is Jenny Jean Crawford, and I am an integrative health consultant. I use a clinical model that emphasizes nutrition, herbs, and various forms of coaching to help clients with chronic health conditions. Using skills gained as a shadow work practitioner, relationships with plants formed during my herbal studies, intuition, and problem solving skills learned while earning a BS in Chemical Engineering from CMU, I hone in on the source of the chronic condition. I've found that the source can be far more than just the physical imbalance. My purpose is to help clients through the process of healing themselves. By asking the right questions and empowering clients with the proper tools, I help my clients take action in pursuit of their health and spiritual goals.

I also craft herbal medicines designed to help with specific conditions and personal blends tailored to specific client needs based on their own bioindividuality.

Life's too short to be anything less than happy and healthy— so what’s holding you back? Let me help you learn better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals and your health.

New JPEG Image.jpg

I have a vast background in motivational speaking and life coaching, working in the field for years. My clients return to me, seeing the skills that I have taught them truly apply and take action to their everyday lives. I love working with return clients, as well as creating a bond with new ones.

Life is simply too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled — so what’s holding you back? Let's tackle the source of your problems together once and for all. Let me help you learn better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your pursuits. Get in touch with me today.


PTSD/Trauma/Abuse Training Certificate

Mission Planning & Implementation Certificate

Interpersonal & Organizational Development Certificate

ACSM Health & Fitness Certificate


Health & Nutrition Consulting

Deep Dive Candida Support

1 hr 15 min


Are you looking for support in navigating management of your candida overgrowth? I offer a 6 month coaching program providing extra support for you in moving through the most comprehensive methodology, addressing not only the complicated physical aspects of healing a chronic overgrowth, but also the underlying emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances that are contributing to the condition. Whole body healing is only possible when the mind, body, and spirit meet in aligned intention. If you desire extra support on the journey to embrace balance and health in your life and body, I can provide you with a mirror, a guide and an objective partner.

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 7247661283

Email: info@bodiesintobalance.com

Online or In-Person

Book Now


Find Your Balance

6-month Program

1 hr 15 min

This program is designed to provide support and structure for the client as they journey towards reaching their health goals. Research shows that it takes a 6 month period of time to make new habits stick, During this time, I provide support and accountability through this process as we address the things in each realm of life that are affecting our ability to meet our goals in life, which can be particularly helpful to anyone making dietary and lifestyle changes in response to chronic conditions. During this time, we meet bi-weekly, either in person or online, and journey together towards discovering the client's bioindividuality and what their body and soul needs to become balanced in its own unique way.

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 7247661283

Email: info@bodiesintobalance.com

Online or In-Person

Book Now

Corporate Group Health Coaching


Reach new heights in wellness and unlock hidden potentials as a team!

1 hr 30 min

The workplace can be a challenging setting for some of my clients when it comes to maintaining their health and wellness. I am here to help your team reach new levels of health, regardless of where they are on their journey, and to give them tips and practices to help them maintain balance in their lives. A healthy team is a team that is also clear, creative, and capable of so much more than they are while dealing with health and lifestyle issues. This Corporate Group Health Coaching service is a favorite among clients managing a workforce. If you want your team capable of firing on all cylinders, book your consultation today.

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 7247661283

Email: info@bodiesintobalance.com

Book Now

Health & Nutrition Consulting


Clinical Herbal Consult Package

1 hr

Book Now

Returning your bodies to a state of balance takes time, as does building relationships with the plant allies who will help you achieve this. To make a longer term commitment to yourself and your healing, schedule multiple herbal consult sessions and save.

Herbal Intake Session

1 hr


Book Now

Upcoming Events

February 9, 2020

Hearts In Harmony Holistic Bazaar

Pittsburgh, PA

‘Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves. ‘

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Follow your heart and find gifts of Love at the Hearts in Harmony Holistic Bazaar- the second annual event at Thrive on Health themed on all things Love! Pamper yourself with whole host of body mind spirit services and shop locally made gifts from the heart! Enjoy some tea while you browse handcrafted healing arts, indulge in reiki and bodywork, move your soul to the groove, and see magical visions. Open love's scope wider and see this brilliant abundance in our community. Stay tuned for More info on vendors and practitioners coming soon!

March 20-22 2020

Serpent Mound Crystal Star Knowledge Seed Water Peace Summit

Woodland Altars - Peebles, OH


The Serpent Mound Star Knowledge Spring Seed and Water Blessing/Peace Summit is a celebration and blessing of ancient seeds from around the world; praying, energizing, and exchanging these seeds. Visitors will experience music, sound healing, water blessings, meditations, presentations, vendors, dancing and sacred ceremonies. The event will also honor the spring equinox by bringing together Indigenous delegations from the Americas and all around the world to talk and pray about and for international peace.

Its message is: “It Takes a Village; All Nations All Races All My Relations!”

Jenny Jean Crawford

Pittsburgh, PA 15221​​


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Warm up with Fire Cider!


Now that the Holiday Season and its accompanying cold weather is upon us, it really helps to bolster our immune systems for a number of reasons. Firstly, we are out and about, being more active and often running ourselves ragged with all the preparation and revelry. Even when it is in the service others, stress and lack of adequate rest still leads to a weakened immune system. All the while, we are getting exposed to plenty of germs and viruses that are more than willing to take advantage of our weakened constitution.

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